Let’s Train!

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Main Page

Training for any contingency… training for life.
How do I get started?

Come and join us for a free introductory informational session at CrossFit Beaufort! You will have the opportunity to meet your trainers, see your training facility, and learn about the benefits of our personal coaching. We will explain in detail how your program will be structured and answer any questions that you might have. Use the “Contact Us” button above if you would like more information.

What will my program include?

  • One introductory informational session.
  • Individual or small group instruction for (6) one-hour sessions.
  • One 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning workout with your coach.
  • Coaches that track your progress for each session.
  • Follow-up by your coaches when you transition into CrossFit Beaufort classes.
Mike and I are excited to offer you a program that will motivate you to change your current fitness program.  Join us today to get on the healthy path to the rest of your life!